How to buy Alterna Network

Alterna Network
2 min readMay 2, 2023


This article will show you how to buy Alterna Network

How to Buy ALTN Coins on PancakeSwap?

Once you’ve set up and connected your waller, buying on PancakeSwap is easy. You just need to make sure that you’ve already got some BEP-20 tokens in your wallet. This should include some BNB that PancakeSwap uses for its transactions fees.

1. Go to the PancakeSwap Exchange page

Navigate to the PancakeSwap website. In the top-left corner you should see ‘Trade.’ Click on that to be directed to the ‘Swap’ page. This is where you’ll be carrying out your exchange.

Pancakeswap landing page

2. Choose the token you want to exchange

On the Swap page, you’ll see a little exchange calculator on the right. Using the drop-down menu in the top section, you can choose the coin you would like to exchange.

Default token to change is BNB

3. Choose ALTN token to trade

Using this same calculator, copy ALTN contract address : 0xc841780c34c17190bceeefb6d986aaca4fb95e31 and paste to pancakeswap.

Make sure you copy official ALTN contract address

4. Enter the amount

You can enter either the number of coins you want to receive or the number of coins you wish to exchange. Once you enter an amount into one of the fields, the other field will be calculated for you automatically. A small breakdown will also appear below the calculator.

5. Review the details and click ‘Swap’

Once you’ve made sure that all the amounts are correct and that you’re happy with the fees and slippage tolerance, you can confirm that Swap.

6. You’re done!

You’ve just bought your ALTN tokens using PancakeSwap! A window will pop up letting you know that the transaction was submitted, and it’ll also show you a handy link where you can view your transaction details on BscScan.



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