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3 min readMay 23, 2023


We are very proud to present to you the Alterna Mainnet!

Finally the Alterna Network team successfully launched our mission from the very beginning of Alterna Network, the Alterna Mainnet.

Alterna Mainnet — is an innovation in crypto that makes it easier for people to trade under the Alterna network, in the future Alterna will be a place for developers out there to create their own dapps that make Alterna more widely known.

To find out the status or use Alterna Mainnet you can add Alterna Mainnet rpc in our explorer, or use the rpc below.

Alterna Mainnet Details :
Network Name : Alterna Network Mainnet
Chain ID : 976074
Symbol : ALTN
Explorer :
Staking :
Status :
Docs :

Deploying Contract on Mainnet

From now on you can try to create an evm-based contract on Alterna Network, you can see the tutorial below to create a contract on Alterna Network.

  1. Download metamask wallet on your browser.
  2. Add Alterna Network rpc.
Click “Add ALTN Network” button to add ALTN network into your metamask

3. After add ALTN network on your metamask, go to Remix Ethereum.

Click adding file on paper icon and create your contract name.sol

4. If you already wrote you contract, now let’s compile it with compiler that you used on your contract.

Example : we’re using 0.8.18+commit.xxxx compiler

5.After that you can choose you’re contract to deploy on ALTN network, and if metamask transaction pop up click confirm button to send the transaction.

This is proof that the gas used on Alterna Network is very cheap without compromising the speed of the transaction.
If the contract already deployed on ALTN network you can see tx hash and confimed transaction on metamask pop up

6. Make sure after you deployed the contract don’t close the Remix Ethereum, after ca already deployed copy tx hash or copy your contract address and go to Alterna Network Scan to see your contract and verify the code.

Filled form verify contract correctly, make sure you don’t missed the contract details.
If you already verify you contract details you can see the code on your contract, it’s mean ALTN network very transparent to users.

7. Now click on write contract to see your contract function working properly.

Example : we used minting supply token function on this step.
After you click on button write you can click confirm button on metamask pop up.
If you see this pop up after sending the transaction it’s means you’re contract is working properly.
You can see how fast the ALTN network can process transactions and how cheap the gas is.

Congratulations! you’ve just made your first contract on the ALTN network, if you’re still confused how to make contract on ALTN network you can join on our Telegram to see video tutorial here or our twitter.

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